2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review

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  • Dec 30, 2013
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Happy New Year!

We kick off 2014 by reflecting on a year of building a more sustainable world through the power of design. Ease the holiday transition with inspiring stories, emotional testimonials and beautiful images of passion and talent. Remember this is only one of 15 years to be celebrated as we prepare for our 15th anniversary.

This year marks an important moment of growth for Architecture for Humanity. While our co-founders have transitioned out of their leadership roles we continue the exciting journey as an international institution grown on the experience of 15 years as humanitarian designers, builders and developers. We thank co-founders Kate Stohr and Cameron Sinclair for their leadership, tireless efforts and unending optimism that has elevated the humanitarian design field to where it stands today.

Our network of designers and construction professionals (along with devoted administrative supporters) completed 48 projects in over 22 countries. We have proven new methods of community engagement, including freely advising families and small business owners in post disaster situations from the Midwest to Haiti to Northern Japan and soon in the Philippines. We experimented with a national public arts program and challenged hundreds of high school students to “hack” their schools green in response to the failing health of our nation's schools, and they did it!

Through our design and construction processes we created 104 professional design jobs with Design Fellowships and local Architects of Record, as well as thousands of construction jobs globally. We wrote detailed and widespread publications that increase the awareness of local resiliency programs around the nation, deliver fiscal understanding of school facility upgrades to administrators, and narrate the persistent efforts of the chapter network to deliver pro-bono design and build services to local communities throughout the world.

We've been pretty vocal for the cause with eight staff members giving talks during the National AIA Convention in June, including the keynote, and director Eric Cesal demonstrated the value of design in his May TED talk, along with countless global presentations of our past work. We developed key partnerships within the niche of public interest design and look forward to working with many cities around the globe in developing resiliency programs with our partner, the Rockefeller Foundation.

We are grateful for the generous support of thousands who contribute every day to the mission of using design as a tool for social and economic change. None of this would be possible without you. We wish you a Happy New Year, and thank you for the continued support. Keep on scrolling to see more of what we achieved together:

Best wishes,

from all of us at Architecture for Humanity

Bogotá // Cape Town // Ishinomaki // New York // Port-au-Prince // San Francisco

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2013 by the Numbers

2,815,470 People who now live, work, learn, gather and heal in 2,348 places helped by Architecture for Humanity since 1999
People who have benefited from 152 completed projects on Worldchanging
316,170 Children now in day and after school programs in facilities built by us
154,720 Children with access to sports for social change programs through Nike Gamechangers and FIFA/Streetfootballworld's Football for Hope program [6 more projects underway in 5 countries]
43,695 Members on the Open Architecture Network 
472 Pounds of chocolate consumed in the office
39,236 Haitians who in 2013 benefited from design, construction and economic development work at the Rebuilding Center
13,430 Members of the Architecture for Humanity Chapter Network
58 Local Chapters in 16 countries
78 Teams from across the States that submitted proposals for the Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown, to get high school students to hack their schools' green;
48 Projects completed in 2013
570 Home surveys completed post Hurricane Sandy
104 Jobs created through Design Fellows and Architects of Record in communities all over the world in 2013
22 Full-time staff members
143 Small Business Owners helped in the Tohoku Region in Japan in 2013
6 Project awards in 2013
30 Families and Businesses benefiting from free Sandy Help Desk Consultations
23,000 Compressed Earth Blocks made by local builders in the construction of Manica Football for Hope Center
40 Subject Matter Experts who reviewed our Green Schools Investment Guide representing over 25 leading partner organizations
Over 10,534 Hours worked by volunteers at our Headquarters saving over $260,000

What Clients Have Said

"The community owns the center. They were involved from the initial stage of planning; they were always involved in one way or another."  -Bethwell Mwaura, Centre Manager, Mathare Football for Hope Centre, Kenya

"The exposure that I get with the kids has taught me a lot of things that I missed, and in a way, I’m reshaping myself." -Chote Cover Chikwandingwa, Centre Manager, Manica Football for Hope Centre, Mozambique

"First of all, I want to thank God for the blessing that this community has just received. I don't have kids studying in the school any more, but I feel very happy to see the work you have done. The happiest ones are the kids, because apart from having good classrooms to receive their lessons, they have places to play. To see the kids playing and laughing is the most beautiful thing you can see. I can say this project has not been just material but spiritual. Jesús y Eugenia have been working tirelessly, giving all their best without receiving nothing in return. It is a blessing to see today the kids' joy in the school. This I am writing, it is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of all the people having worked with you guys. Thanks for this great work! God bless you. Thanks Jesús y Eugenia, friends forever!" -Teodoro, Taxi Driver of the community of Piedritas, Peru

Selected Chapter Projects From 2013

Plastic Bottle Home for the Aged   Plastic Bottle Home for the Aged - San Pablo Laguna, Philippines
Client: Community of San Pablo
Design Team: Manila Chapter
Project Coordinator: Illac Diaz
Completed March 2013
  Gaia Garden Multi-Purpose Shelter - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Client: Gaia Gardens & Santa Fe Community
Design/Build Team: Franziska Neumann, Ju Meng Tan, Sherry Stein, Thaddeus Richardson, Melanie Dubin, Poki Piottin & Santa Fe Chapter volunteers  
Completed November 2013 Process Video
Tokyo Planning Forum   Tokyo Planning Forum - Ishinomaki, Japan
Client: Northern Japan
Design Team: Dr. Christian Dimmer & Tokyo Chapter volunteers  
Ongoing Database Collection 2013
  Burrows St. Pocket Park - San Francisco, California, USA
Client: Portola Neighborhood Association
Design Team: Reaz Haque & San Francisco Chapter
Completed July 2013
  Roots Architecture WOMAD - Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK
Client: Architecture community & festival participants
Design/Build Team: Katherine McNeil, Alasdair Ben Dixon & London Chapter volunteers  
Event July 2013 Event Video
  Activate! - Chicago, Illinois, USA
Client: Chicago Neighborhoods, CDOT
Design Team: Chicago Chapter
Program Coordinator: Katherine Darnstadt & Chicago Chapter
In Progress, ongoing competition
  Habitat for Humanity, Liberty St., Middletown Home - Middletown, Connecticut, USA
Client: Middlesex Habitat for Humanity of Connecticut
Design Team: Patrick McKenna & Geoffrey Lawson. Architect of Record: Centerbrook Architects and Planners. Structural Engineer: Morrissey Engineering LLC
Completed November 2013

Selected Projects From 2013

  Santa Elena de Piedritas School – Caserio Piedritas, Talara, Piura, Perú
Client: Santa Elena de Piedritas School
Design Team: Elizabeth Añaños, Carlos Restrepo, Jesus Porras
Program Managers: Gretchen Mokry, T. Luke Young, Diego Collazos
Completed December 2013
  Manica Football for Hope Center – Bairro Vumba, Manica, Mozambique
Client: Grupo Desportivo de Manica
Design Team: José Forjaz arquitectos, Alina Jeronimo, Paulo Carneiro
Program Managers: Gretchen Mokry, Mark Warren, Darren Gill, Alix Ogilvie & Delphine Luboz
Opened April 2013
  Tarrafal Football for Hope Center – Tarrafal, Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Client: Steve Rodriguez
Design Team: Carlos Hamelberg Arquitectura e Urb, Nuno Lobo, Ana Reis, Ana Ramos
Program Managers: Gretchen Mokry, Mark Warren, Darren Gill, Alix Ogilvie & Delphine Luboz
Opened June 2013
  Iringa Football for Hope Center – Iringa, Tanzania
Client: IDYDC - Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care
Design Team: Alfa Architects. Architect Fulgence Kibiki, Alma Ruiz, Rogerio Nogueira da Costa
Program Managers: Gretchen Mokry, Mark Warren, Darren Gill, Alix Ogilvie & Delphine Luboz
Opened June 2013
  Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, Phase 2 - Montrouis, Ouest, Haiti
Client: Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger
Design Team: Kate Evarts , Fleur Messer
Program Manager: Eric Cesal
Completed November 2013
  École Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele – Pele, Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti
Client: École Baptiste Bon Berger
Designers:  Stacey McMahan, Schendy Kernizan, Darren Gill, Carl Harrigan, Jean Rene Lafontant, Kate Evarts, Natalie Desrosiers
Project Coordinator: Stacey McMahan, Burtland Granvil 
Program Manager: Kate Evarts
Completed April 2013
  Maeami-hama Community House – Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
Client: Maeami-hama Reconstruction Project Team
Design Team: Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (KMDW)
Program Manager: Hiromi Tabei
Opened February 2013
  Kitakami "We Are One" Market & Youth Center – Kitakami, Miyagi, Japan
Client: Kitakami "We Are One" Committee
Project Manager: Hiromi Tabei
Opened January 2013
  Pillars of Sustainable Education – 7 Universities, 6 Projects, 4 Continents
Client: Global Building Environment
Sponsor: Alcoa Foundation
Project Manager: Alix Ogilvie
Launched December 2013


Green Schools Investment Guide –
Client: Schools across the United States
Design Team: Zach Taylor, USGBC Center for Green Schools 
Published April 2013
Haiti Land Transaction Manual, Vol. 1
Client: Haiti's built environment
Design Team: Elizabeth Blake, Frédérique Siegel 
Published January 2013
Chapter Quarterly Publication
Client: Chapter Network
Design Team: Garrett Jacobs, Tinna Madsen, Micah Burger 
Initiated June 2013
Hurricane Sandy Neighborhood Assessment Project
Client: Those interested in post disaster reconstruction
Design Team: New York Chapter, Emily Sprague, Yuko Okamura, Anna MacDougall 
Published November 2013

Competitions & Events

Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown   Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown - United States 
Client: Students of United States public schools
Design Team: Gina Fontes, Garrett Jacobs
Program Manager: Zach Taylor, Alix Ogilvie
Completed June 2013
  Design Like You Give A Damn: LIVE! 4 - San Francisco, California, USA 
Client: Humanitarian design enthusiasts
Design Team: Bridget Dodd, Gina Fontes
Event November 7th - 9th 2013

The Value of Design

Our People

The work of Architecture for Humanity would not be possible without the dedication of a core group of people. Though some people have come and gone we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in 2013 for another incredible year:  

2013 Global Crew: Natassia Academia, Tomika Anderson, Kayo Andrews, Jean Azor, Brian Baer, Rene Balan, Ofer Barpal, Christian Beaulieu, Sherry-Lea Bloodworth Botop, Marvin Cabrera, Eric Cesal, Diego Collazos, Nathaniel Corum, Rogério Costa, Suman Deep, Natalie Desrosiers, Bridget Dodd, Serge Dorval, Marco Duran, Nancy Doran, Esmeralda Doublette, Nicholas Earle, Jacob Ehrenberg, Elisa Engel, Kate Evarts, Paulo Fernandes, Sergine Francoeur, Gina Fontes, Audrey Galo, Gail Gambarini, Elena Ghibaudo, Darren Gill, Elizabeth Han, Sam Hartwell, Dana Hymel, Matthew Hughes, Julien Jackson, Garrett Jacobs, Gerald Jeanty, Alina Jeronimo, Karl Johnson, Nathan Jones, Kris Jong, Stanley Joseph, Sven Kalim, Miku Kano, Sayem Khan, Pouya Khazaeliparsa, Oliver Kienzi, George Kinuthia, Jean Laneau, Carolina Libardi, Alson Louis, Jennifer Ly, Jimmy Lubin, Delphine Luboz, Stefanie Madrid, Clara Masotti, Kayo Matsuo, Jennifer Mattson, Mike Mccaffrey, Nazanin Mehregan, Themba Mekwa, Rachel Minnery, Gretchen Mokry, Jean Moliere, Toru Nakaki, Jacques Nixon, Sony Noel, Alix Ogilvie, Jason Olson, Yuko Okamura, Jesus Porras, Ana Ramos, Kathleen Richter, Alma Ruiz, Kristen Schlott, Gabriela Semeco, Charles Sheppard, Frédérique Siegel, Cameron Sinclair, Michael Steiner, Kate Stohr, Hiromi Tabei, Zach Taylor (-Mayville), Joseph Tuohy, Pierre Ulrick, Preshanta Vandeyar, Ana Vasconcellos, Gaurav Vashist, Yoichi Wakabayashi, Mark Warren, Akinobu Yoshikawa, T. Luke Young, Walter Ziegler, Frederika Zipp  

Board of Directors: Matthew Charney, Phoebe Campbell, Clifford Curry (ex officio), Paul Gabie, Niama Jacobs (ex officio), Clark Manus, Scott Mattoon, Taylor Milsal (ex officio), Toshiko Mori, Narry Singh (ex officio), Margaret Gould Stewart and Yutaka Takiura

General Counsel: Jenner and Block LLP, Seyfarth Shaw LLP 
Additional Support:
  Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations

We'd especially like to thank all of the wonderful professionals who volunteered in the wake of disaster in the Midwest, the Philippines and in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; helped with Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE!; and provided critical support to our many projects around the world and in our San Francisco office.

Headquarters Volunteers: Jose Abad, Katherine Allen, Sofia Anastassiou, Bassamat Bahnasy, Hannah Bowers, Micah Burger, Casimiro Camacho, Duncan Catterall, Christopher Cronk, Sarah Finnigan, Nobuko Fujioka, Blaze Gonzalez, Carina Ho, Robert Jackson, Alex Kieve, Miller Klitsner, Mrunalini Kulkarni, Gloria Guan Li, Anna MacDougall, Tinna Madsen, Daniel Maslan, Fabiana Mileo, Radha Muralidhara, Amanda Nguyen, Shinyoung Park, Cyan Pei, Virginia Raike, Christine “Teens” Roman, Elvia Santoyo, Taylor Seidel, Brie Smith, Kathryn Sonnabend, Matthew Tarosky, Jessica Terdeman, Howard Tsu, Inari Virkkala, Katie Wholey, Takahiro Yano, Eugenia “Jane” Zoubtchenko  

Architecture for Humanity makes every effort to ensure accuracy in donor and volunteer listings, but on occasion errors may occur. Please contact us at 415.963.3511 with any questions or comments.

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