What is your design resolution?

What is your design resolution?

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 31, 2011
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Now is the time to make those promises that we hate to break - the dreaded New Years resolution. We all want to lose a little weight, but we really want to know what are your design aspirations for 2012?

You can remain anonymous or, if you are feeling bold in your promise, add your name and/or email.

We'll be posting resolutions to our home page as we get them on New Year's Day and the 2nd. Happy New Year from all of us at Architecture for Humanity.

2012 Resolutions

Use competitive compassion to build 100 innovative classrooms next year. (and lose another 10lbs)
Cameron Sinclair, Co-founder, Architecture for Humanity

To create a fund to include more landscaping and art in each of Architecture for Humanity's projects. I am ready for a beautiful 2012.
Kate Stohr, Co-founder, Architecture for Humanity