Five More Weeks Left! (折鶴ワークショップイベントまであと5週間!)

Five More Weeks Left! (折鶴ワークショップイベントまであと5週間!)

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 06, 2011
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Professor Youta Hanazawa and the students at Tohoku University of Art and Design (TUAD) received the early Christmas gift -- 100,000 paper cranes!


After they opened all boxes and admired all the work that children all over the world put in, they came up with the final design of the paper crane sculpture. We are going to have a big installation created by the TUAD students, and hold a workshop with local children between January 13th and 15th in Sendai. The title of the workshop is “Gift by Gift for a Better World”. At the workshop, children are going to make gift boxes filled with paper cranes and decorate them. These gift boxes are going to be sent to local schools as gifts from children all over the world. Come join us if you are in Sendai area in January!