Design Open Mic: Architecture for Humanity Project Board Update

Design Open Mic: Architecture for Humanity Project Board Update

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 09, 2011
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Every month HQ dedicates a Design Open Mic to gathering all the program managers, and anyone else crazy enough to willingly listen to them, and reviewing project status for Just About Everything. We'll spare you the dull bits about internal operations (all the more reason to hear it in person?), but we get the hunch a few of you want to hear about the architecture...

Below is a quick look around the world on our active projects. For a full list of our active projects, we're developing an exclusive page for those on Worldchanging. (Lots of slideshows–might give it a minute to load, at this point.)

Football for Hope

  • The Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre in Rwanda is 98% complete, with possession being handed over to Esperance in mid-December. The football pitch and lighting have yet to be installed, and we hope to have the containers on site in the coming weeks. The start of 2012 will see the installation of the pitch, lighting and storage containers. An opening ceremony is expected in early 2012. The German Embassy has funded a rainwater harvesting system as well as custom-made furniture. The Centre Host, Esperance, will be implementing these items directly with the donor and the contractor in the first quarter of 2012.

Tohoku Reconstruction

  • The Ohya Green Sports Park in Motoyoshi looks muddy following a stormy weekend, but construction is proceeding. The reclaimed telephone poles have been anchored and netting has been strung between them with the help of some skillful fishermen. The Park is scheduled to open December 20. The custom seating area, designed by Tomoro Aida of Aida Atelier, is 90% complete.

    Kids and parents of the Ohya FC helped laying the turf on 10 December. According to Mr. Aida, "Kids did a really great job planting turf - only minimal professional modification will be required afterward." Staff from Nike Japan had their media crew on hand as well.


  • Nike do Brasil has committed funds to support a small sports facility in response to January 2011 mudslides near Rio de Janiero. A new community of homes and marketplaces is being built in Petrópolis for 61 families displaced by the events. Former Design Fellow Carla dal Mas has conducted a site visit with prospective partners.

Haiti Reconstruction

  • Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger in Montrouis is finishing. The opening ceremony will be this Sunday, December 11. Cameron and some high-profile project funders will be in attendance.
  • Note: with Montrouis and École La Dignité complete, that makes four schools, two clinics, an urban plan and several housing units built since the start of 2011!

Happy Hearts / ING

  • Margarita Maza, in Tabasco, has just finished. The team finalized a close-out checklist template at HQ, and it's proven to be quite a useful tool in the field–the clients were also enthusiastic about it.
  • Divino Niño Jesus school, the budget has come in a little above the estimation-that along with some beautiful landscape plans put together by Ken at HQ, has provided reason enough to brainstorm ideas for supplemental funding.

Sauti Kuu Banda, in Alego, Kenya, has proven difficult to build on account of recent heavy rains-the wood and stone have been difficult to get on site. Veteran Design Fellow Matthew Hughes has joined the team to help close the project out.

Sauti Kuu Banda in rural Kenya will help build skills for otherwise poorly-connected youth from the area.
The "banda" is a covered open area for activities and meetings.

Nov 4: Margarita Maza de Juárez School opens in Tabasco, Mexico. MMJ is the third school
completed through the Happy Hearts Fund & ING School Reconstruction Program.