Construction of the Kitakami "We Are One" Market and Youth Center is finally underway! Construction perimeter is set, temporary power is wired, and building corners were marked on site.

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 02, 2012
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ArchDaily started September by featuring a landmark center of hope and cultural reconciliation in Kigali, the hub of past Rwandan unrest. While civil war has been quelled now nearly 20 years, the densely-populated Kimisagara valley is still addressing cultural differences and reconciliation.

Before constructing a building in Japan, it is typical to have a concrete plinth on the earth as the foundation. We were able to obtain the aid of two carpenters from Minami-sanriku (Mr. Endo, and Mr. Kikuchi) and requested their skills in the construction of the foundation. This project will encourage the community to engage the construction to bring the sense ownership to this community building.

On February 29th, 2012, an early morning tornado killed seven residents of Harrisburg, Illinois, and destroyed 143 homes and several businesses. Preliminarily listed by the National Weather Service as an FE4, the tornado had wind speeds topping at 180 mph.