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  • Sep 22, 2010
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During the restless Haitian Summer evenings, our volunteers in Port-au-Prince ran a small in-house charrette–for the admittedly selfish reason of having something to take home with them as a token of our eternal gratitude.

Go Play!, an international non-profit that designs and builds playspaces as a holistic means of improving education, health and the well-being of children in the developing world, is sponsoring a design competition - Play for all - to promote innovate playgrounds that create meaningful experiences, that emphasize free play, exploration and collaboration. Designs should be innovative, using sustainable and recycled or repurposed building materials that are affordable, buildable, safe, durable, and of course, fun.

Announced September 17 on the Open Architecture Network, the open-to-all competition will award $1000 USD to the winning design team to assist with travel costs to oversee the building of their design with the help of Go Play!’s project manager. The winning playground design will be built for a school for refugee children along the border of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).

Registration ends November 17, 2010, and all entries should be submitted by midnight January 03, 2010 (PST). Visit Play for all to learn more about the competition, Go Play!, and to enter.

An analysis on the condition of and future dependence on foreign aid transitional shelters ("T-shelters") in Haiti was recently compiled and presented by Architecture for Humanity to partners in Haitian reconstruction.

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  • Sep 20, 2010
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Phase 2 of Safe Trestles – an ideas competition that explores ways to create safe, low-impact access to Trestles – is complete. The winning scheme, The Wave, was collaboratively designed and developed by Co-LAB design office, an emerging award winning architecture practice based in Los Angeles. The design is based on the informal pathways cut through the wetlands each year by surfers.

The Wave’s ambition is to keep it wild, make it safe, and safeguard the area for future users - keeping this landscape safe, protected and pristine, for generations to come.