Location: HQ - San Francisco, CA
Start Date: Immediate, 2013
Type: HQ Volunteer

Program Background
Architecture for Humanity loves looking at beautiful buildings, so we decided to preserve each of our own designs through the efforts of the Architecture for Humanity Model Making Program. Through the program, we produce replicas of each of our buildings; one to keep in-house as part of our rotating gallery archives, and one to be gifted to our clients. Having our project models on hand is an important part of the Architecture for Humanity tradition, and we find that being able to give our clients a miniature to travel, share with their community, and just show-off, is a pretty great feeling too.

The "City of Resilience" is not a long lost Calvino tale, but the subject of a visions exhibition this fall hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of Architecture for Humanity as part of a city-wide architecture festival put on by the AIA. The Chapter is now accepting artist submissions depicting a post-disaster SF standing strong.

Read on for details.

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  • Jul 25, 2013
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Every Wednesday, the headquarters of Architecture for Humanity congregates in the gallery (a large room in the front of the building) for Design Open Mics – a weekly event in which local (and sometimes not so local) architects and designers speak to the office about their work.