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  • May 07, 2013
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On April 21st, The Society for a Design Museum Japan held a symposium to follow their first symposium, "Toward Creating a Design Museum Japan" held last November.

This time around, proposals for a future design museum were open to the public, and Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow Akinobu Yoshikawa was chosen to present his proposal at the event!

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  • Apr 30, 2013
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Ricardo Daza is beyond dedicated to the Bogotá Chapter he himself launched in 2009 with two of his non-architect friends.

In four years the Chapter has helped hundreds of people over a dozen projects - all conducted in their own time after work, with the help of other volunteers and interns. It hasn't been easy, and when life calls, and key members have to pull away, a chapter confronts in another way the issue of sustainability.

How do the Bogotá folks do it? Find out below.

Don't miss us this week in both Denver and Los Angeles (but good luck catching us both places)

Conference season has shifted into full gear. We'd like to share a couple opportunities to mingle with professional peers, attend some insightful discussions and get a dose of Architecture for Humanity in-person, at Dwell in Design in Los Angeles (June 21-23) and at the American Institute of Architects National Convention in Denver (June 19-22).

We're continuing our partnership with molo design for our conference circuit this year - who are kitting out both the AIA and Dwell in Design trade floor booths as comfortable (and collapsible) places to mingle and trade tales of design and architecture.