Our friends at Rai Studio and Tehran just sent us their newest projects for Afghan refugees and communities affected by a massive earthquake last August.

Pouya Khazaeli, principal of Rai Studio and architecture professor at Azad University, Tehran and Ghazvin, notes: "Social sustainability in design is our main focus area here. It means to study how these refugees live, communicate, the meaning of privacy in their live, which materials they prefer and use for construction, which kind of construction techniques they use themselves, how much they spend normally to construct their own shelters...."

Final preparations are underway for Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! Our Design Fellows and Community Partners from around the world will soon by flying in to share their perspectives and

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  • Nov 05, 2012
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As we have begun to understand the sheer devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on the eastern seaboard, one town seems to have bore the brunt of the disaster. Seaside Heights, situated in the heart of the Jersey shore and home to decades of summer memories, has been left ravaged by the storm.

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  • Nov 02, 2012
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Location: Bologna, Italy
Start Date: Immediate
Type: Design Fellow