Classroom Upgrade Fund: Help us improve schools around the world

Classroom Upgrade Fund
Help build sustainable, safe classrooms around the world.


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Through the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom, Architecture for Humanity invited architects from around the world to partner with primary and secondary school students to rethink the classroom of the future. More than 1,000 teams registered. They were given a simple mandate: collaborate with real students in real schools in their community to develop real solutions. Now we've identified hundreds of buildable projects around the world.

Imagine if we built them all.

By establishing a classroom-upgrading fund, Architecture for Humanity hopes to provide seed funding and support to local schools in implementing the design solutions they have developed.

Program Goals:

  • Provide seed funding and a framework within which schools can pilot green upgrading initiatives;
  • Catalyze locally led long-term initiatives to green and improve existing classroom infrastructure;
  • Develop benchmarks for sustainable school renovation and expansion; and
  • Share green design and construction methods and building practices.
United States
Developing Nations
Avg. Cost per Classroom* $50,000-$150,000 $2,000-$8,000
Classroom Target 50 Classrooms 250 Classrooms 300 Classrooms
Fundraising Goal $4,000,000 (USD) $2,000,000 (USD) $6,000,000 (USD)

* The above represents the average costs of school classroom construction projects in the communities in which we work and is intended as an estimate only. The cost of construction varies from region to region and school needs may also vary. In cases where donations exceed what is needed or local conditions prevent program implementation, Architecture for Humanity will redirect funds to similar activities to help schools upgrade and expand. If additional funding is required because of specific project requirements or challenging local conditions, Architecture for Humanity may provide additional funding to complete the project to meet our commitment to our beneficiaries.

Imagine if we trained hundreds of school administrators in putting green building into practice in their schools systems. Then imagine all of the future classrooms they will upgrade and build. And all the kids learning in those classrooms fifty years from now.

Join us in turning these students' ideas into reality.

For more information, or to sponsor a classroom, please contact us.