Prior Design Resolutions _ 2008 edition.

We asked you to tell us your design resolution. Here are just a few of the resolutions that made it back our way:

What is your New Year's Design Resolution?
SWGall: To assemble criteria for a building that will house a small-town Texas historical society.
fawadkhawaja: DESIGN FOR DISASTERS ...NOW! not after they hit.
kdziobek: To attempt translate sound into an architectural space, whether it be literally through acoustics, or visually through texture and the porosity of light.
-Kara Dziobek
RISD '11, B.Arch
lgranger: I am leading a design studio at my old school, New College of Florida, this January as part of a teaching fellowship program allowing Alumni to offer courses in subjects not normally available to the students. It will be these seven students' first introduction to Architectural Design. My resolution is to inspire & convince at least one of them that they can make a positive humanitarian impact through design! - Logan Granger, Design Group Lead @ SunPower Corporation
luckylinck: Finish my law review article about the negative effects of building codes on the production of innovative affordable housing. Any comments designers out there welcome...
medinajavo: Quit the home builder industry and work for a LEED certified firm.
meredithbanasiak: To work harder to build a better future
mik3655h: Talking explores history, doing changes it. Get off my keister mister and be more active on all fronts
mvidal: innovation in materials
nchambers7: To find a pre-professional, practical program for green, sustainable architecture! Not easy to find!
nourrebrahimi: responsive environment is another way to create more alternatives for social housing
sheryladavis: In the new year I look forward to helping progress the dialogue between the historic preservation and sustainable design movements so that we can become allies in the commonality of conservation. Through my graduate studies I anxiously anticipate discovering creative ways in which we can utilize the inherent greenness of historic properties and combine that knowledge with new sustainable technologies in the historic preservation and adaptive reuse of classical-traditional architecture.
textilz: Remeber that objects don't lie.
vamor: To make people understand that ''going green'' is not an option but it is mandatory for the survival of the planet.
william.koster: To get into a College of Architecture and advance my studies of design so that I can be a helper and not a watcher when crises arise in areas around the world and at home.