2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom

Posted by kstohr on Feb 26, 2009

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With more than 200 entries in the first month, the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom is definitely on. We've been getting entrants from everywhere from Kentucky to Kabul. Last week students from partner Orient Global did their first design workshop with volunteers in Hyderabad, India.

At left: A studuent at an Orient Global school in Hyderabad, India measures his classroom as part of a workshop in conjunction with the Open Architecture Challenge.

And, here's what a teacher in New York who learned about the challenge had to say:

"I have been teaching art at inner city public high schools in New York for almost 10 years...I am so pleased that someone is finally addressing this issue... Today, as teachers have become "facilitators," the old classrooms have become very difficult to manage, and hinder rather than promote learning. Throughout the day we must re-group desks as the new curriculum calls for intermittent periods of collaborative work. Students and teachers are constantly pushing desks together and pulling them apart...With so many demands on teachers to provide varied learning opportunities the classroom needs a major do-over..." Lyn, art teacher, New York, NY, USA

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2009 Open Architecture Challenge

According to the World Bank, educating all children worldwide will require the construction of 10 million new classrooms in more than 100 countries by 2015. At the same time, millions of existing classrooms are in serious need of repair and refurbishment. We asked designers and architects to partner with students and teachers to envision the classroom of the future.