Digging for...soil?

Posted by Karl Johnson on May 28, 2010

Related program: Students Rebuild

The AfH Haiti team is conducting soils testing at a new school campus site in Port-au-Prince. We've brought in a French team of soils experts who are taking core samples at the site. The tripod helps drive a 10-20' pile into the earth, which, when pulled out preserves the order of layers of soil students will soon be standing over. This core sample is taken to a makeshift soils lab where core samples from several places around the site are reviewed.

The soil consistency determines how deep foundations must go to support the school buildings. It will also determine how large the buildings can be, although that is less of a concern when all new schools in Haiti are required to have two or fewer stories.

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Photo by Schendy Kernizan

Related Program

Students Rebuild

Students Rebuild mobilizes young people worldwide to connect, learn and take action on critical global issues by activating our greatest creative resource - students - to catalyze powerful change. Working with middle and high school student teams, Students Rebuild identifies the need, creates the challenge, forges partnerships and provides the tools and support to ensure collective efforts are sustainable.

Students Rebuild has organized initiatives to support school construction in Haiti, youth resource building in Japan and now humanitarian crisis mitigation in the DR Congo and Somalia.

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