Yamayo Suisan: Foundation Work Underway ヤマヨ水産:工事開始

Yamayo Suisan: Foundation Work Underway ヤマヨ水産:工事開始

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 28, 2013
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On July 17th, the MakiBiz team visited Yamayo Suisan, a young oyster farming business we are supporting through the MakiBiz Request for Proposal.


Because this business is located on the small island of Oshima off the coast of Kesennuma, the visit began with Mr. Komatsu, the owner, picking up our crew on his fishing boat. A new bridge is scheduled to connect the island to the mainland but not to the site, and while a ferry exists, it docks on the other side of the island in a location difficult to access to from the site. It looks like the MakiBiz team will be taking Mr. Komatsu's boat often during construction!

この訪問はオーナーの小松さんが漁船でまきビズチームを迎えにきてくれました。 彼らは気仙沼から近い大島に位置しており、海上でしか訪問することができません。フェリーは存在するものの、現場からは島の反対側にターミナルがあるため、現場に行くには不便です。陸と島をつなぐ橋が将来的に建てられる予定ですが、これも現場からは遠いため工事中は頻繁に小松さんの漁船で通うことになりそうです。

A little help needed to dock the boat. 船を停留するのも手伝いました。

Construction Underway 施工開始
When the team arrived, foundation work was already underway and carpenters were preparing wood members for framing.

Using the old building foundation as the base for the new. 前の建物の基礎をベースとして新しい基礎を施工中。

The Use of Local Wood to Rebuild 地元の木材を使用
A unique aspect of this project is its use of wood harvested from trees on the hill behind the site. Mr. Komatsu and his family decided to use this wood to reconstruct, immediately following the disaster, and after harvesting the trees and curing the members for a full year, the members are now ready for use. For them, it was much more economical to cut, skin, cure and prepare the wood members than to purchase them elsewhere. It's quite literally local wood! Even having the workforce and space required to do this, it is still an amazing feat by today's standards.


This cured local wood comes from the forest behind. 養生された木材は裏山から採取されました。

Stay tuned for more as this project moves forward!