Thanks for all the Football For Hope support!

Thanks for all the Football For Hope support!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 26, 2013
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As Football For Hope enters its final lap, we'd like to take a short breather and thank everyone who has helped along the way. In addition to the astounding generosity and commitment of FIFA and streetfootballworld, we couldn't have made it this far without the help of our fantastic Design Fellows, enthusiastic consultants, wise local contractors, volunteers and generous material donations. We are especially thankful to the consultants who have worked pro bono, dedicated so much to the mission and willing to donate their professional expertise to these incredible projects.

Read more to learn about some of the amazing participants that have contributed to the successful completion of so many of the Football for Hope Centers. With 11 projects behind us (shown below), and 9 more nearing completion, we're expecting the Football for Hope Program to open its last door by early 2014. Stay tuned for more ribbon cuttings over the next few months.

Khayelitsha Cape Town, South Africa

Design Fellow - Oana Stanescu and Christine Lara
Architect of Record - arG Design
Engineers - Henry Fagen and Partners
Quantity Surveyor - LDM
General Contractor - Drucon Building & Roofing Company

Baguinéda, Mali

Design Fellow - Michael Heublein
Architect of Record - Quarc Architecture and Design
Contractor - Enterprise Brahima Bengaly

Katutura, Namibia

Design Fellow - Jhono Bennett and Thomas Calhoun
Architect of Record - Wasserfall Munting
Accounting - Quality Account Solutions CC and Keding & Associates
Consulting - Windhoek Properties Division
Contractor - E. Marks Building Contractors

Mathare, Kenya

Design Fellow - Isaac Mugumbule
Architect of Record - Pharos Architects
Quantity Surveyor - Barker & Barton Kenya
Structural Engineer - Gumbi & Associates
Electrical Consultant - PM Electrical Works & General Contractors
Environmental Consultant - Green Arch
Land Surveyor - Mapsurveys (K) Ltd.
Contractor - Gravity Contractors Ltd.

Lesotho Maseru, Lesotho

Design Fellow - Axel Stelter
Architect of Record - Charted Architect John Edgar
Surveyor - Digital Mapping
Consultant - Free Water
Quantity Surveyor - Lesotho Quantity Surveyors
Engineer - ZMCK Engineers
Insulation Donation - Eco-Insulation

Kimisigara, Rwanda

Design Fellow - Killian Doherty
Architect of Record - Lakes Consortium
Engineer and Quantity Surveyor - Three Code Construction
Contractor - Three Code Construction

Oguaa, Ghana

Design - Joe Addo
Design Fellow - David Pound
Architect of Record - Architectural Engineering Services (AES)
Quantity Surveyor - Architectural Engineering Services (AES)
Bamboo Contractor - Sabre
Contractor - Three Code Construction

Qwaqwa, South Africa

Design Fellow - George Kinuthia
Architect of Record - Bartsch Architects Pro Bono Services
Quantity Surveyor - Davis Langdon and SVP Quantity Surveyors
Engineer/Geotech - DMV Baeletsi Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers & Project Managers
Material Donation - Insolite
Insulation Donation - Eco-Insulation
General Contractor - PPG

Manica, Mozambique

Design Fellow - Alina Jeronimo and Paulo Fernandes
Architect of Record - Jose Forjaz Pro Bono Services
Quantity Surveyor - Sr. Marciel Pro Bono Services
Structural Engineer and Surveyor - Sergio Martieres of BETAR Pro Bono Services
Plumbing Engineer - Jorge Pinheiro of BETAR Pro Bono Services
Landscaping Donation - NBBJ
General Contractor - Malacha Construções

South East, Botswana

Design Fellow - Elisa Engel
Architect of Record - Mosienyane & Partners International (MPI Architects) Pro Bono Services
Quantity Surveyor - Kille and Dannhauser Pro Bono Services
Engineer Consulting - NMA Consulting Pro Bono Services
Electrical/Mechanical Engineer - A.R.Edwards Pro Bono Services
Surveyor - NMA Consulting Pro Bono Services
Insulation Donation - Eco-Insulation
Tree Donation - Sanitas Nursery
General Contractor - Rimu Enterprises

Magalakwena Mokopane, South Africa

Design Fellow - Themba Mekwa
Architect of Record - MEG Architects Pro Bono Services
Quantity Surveyor - YM Cassim Pro Bono Services
Engineer - KFD Wilkinson Pro Bono Services
Engineer - DUX
Land Surveyor - Louis Nel Surveyor
Geotech Engineer - WSM Leshika
Structural/Civil Engineer - Van Wyk Civils
Insulation Donation - Eco-Insulation
General Contractor - Matakyane Construction CC