The Great California ShakeOut Rocks HQ

The Great California ShakeOut Rocks HQ

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 17, 2013
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In San Francisco on October 17th at 10:17am PST, HQ's staff held an earthquake drill as part of the annual Great California ShakeOut.

Making sure to Drop, Cover, and Hold, we along with over 9.6M others from across the state and 24.5M people worldwide, ran through our workplace's FEMA-suggested disaster-preparedness plan - helping to make the event the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history.

Demonstrating proper form, Reconstruction and Resilience Studio's Program Manager Michael Steiner helped make the event memorable.

To prepare for the Great California ShakeOut, Office Manager, Jason Olson coached the staff through our emergency procedures the day before to ensure safety in evacuating the building.

Jason taking us through the procedures to follow in the case of an earthquake event

Staff have gone through the drill and have safely evacuated the building!