Yamadai Utsumi Suisan: Construction has commenced!

Yamadai Utsumi Suisan: Construction has commenced!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 15, 2013
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On August 20, Yamadai-Utsumi Suisan held a groundbreaking ceremony (Ji chin sai) - a Japanese ritual that is performed before the construction of a new building. The owner, architect, contractors and MakiBiz staff attended this ceremony lead by a shinto master.


During this ceremony, Mr. Utsumi expressed his great appreciation to the entire team with an emotional speech saying, "We would not be able to get back on our feet without the help of everyone here." His tearful eyes spoke greatly of his hardship.


With the groundbreaking ceremony done, construction is now officially underway. Preparation for the foundation pour was put in place on September 24, and the first concrete was done shortly after. Construction is progressing as scheduled.


Preparation for the foundation pour is put in place, and construction is progressing as scheduled.

The bounded construction site.

The Groundbreaking ceremony takes place in the rain.

The owner, Utsumi-san participates in the ceremony.

Shinto Master leads the groundbreaking ceremony.