Brand New Community Center Opens in Roškovce, Slovakia

Brand New Community Center Opens in Roškovce, Slovakia

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 09, 2014
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On Tuesday December 9th, the village of Roškovce in Slovakia opened a brand new community center. Connected to the local primary school, the new building hosts a community space, small kitchen and a classroom upstairs.

This remote village is home to around 500 Roma people, half of whom are children. The majority of adults are unemployed. The small yet vital existing community center was an important place for this community, but it was in such a dilapidated state that it was very difficult for functional use. Thanks to support from Enel Cuore, the local NGO People in Need will now be able to run its health, education and employment programs in a brand new space, and better assist the integration of the Roma community into Slovakian society.

Once the building was completed, a workshop was held with the children and youth of the community to envision the internal spatial layout and furniture. The group thought about how to use the space in a multitude of different ways. Smaller activity spaces were created with various furniture layouts, podiums and carpets. Most of the furniture was built from scratch by the group of architects who organized the workshop. The final result is a colorful, vibrant and happy place.

We would like to thank Enel Cuore for making this possible. And deep thanks to local architect, Boris Hochel for designing and managing construction of the building, to People in Need and to the community of Obec Spišsky Hrhov for their additional support. A big congrats to everybody involved in the project.

The new community center – completed!

The kids helping with the furniture

Sketch of one internal layout proposal

Team building the furniture

Mounting the chairs

Kids of the village in front of the school.

Final space