Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre

Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre

Football for Hope Program

In a country torn apart by genocide, the award-winning Kimisagara Centre uses football to catalyze social reconciliation.

The Kigali nonprofit, Esperance unites the Rwandan population through education and social programs, including the program, “Football for Peace and Anti-AIDS.” Following the 1994 genocide, Esperance decided to use football as a tool for reconciliation. Here at this centre, the organization also provides life-skills training and education for Rwandan youth.

The centre is located in the heart of the Kimisagara valley, the most densely populated and disadvantaged area in central Kigali. The project was completed using passive cooling techniques and locally fired clay brick. Rainwater catchment and filtration provides water for drinking, washing, flushing toilets, and irrigation. Solar-powered LEDs light the field.


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