Mahiga High Rainwater Court

Mahiga High Rainwater Court


A multi-purpose, full-size basketball court designed for the St. Joseph Mahiga Primary School and the community of Nyeri, Kenya.

The structure serves multiple functions for the school, acting as a sports facility, performance space, classroom and dining area. For the community, it provides the area's only community meeting space and hosts their farmer's market.

The building additionally serves as a major source of fresh water with its rainwater collection system. The metal roof covering the 2,500 sq ft court, collects an estimated 40,000 liters of water per year. This water is funneled to the rainwater storage tanks with an integrated UV purification system that has the capacity to store 25,000 liters of water. In an area without electricity, the building's solar panels provide energy for the water system, as well as night lighting.


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