Ohya Green Sports Park

Ohya Green Sports Park

Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami Rebuilding

Following the devastating tsunami, school playgrounds were re-purposed as sites for temporary housing, leaving schoolchildren with limited access to sports. Ryuichi Onodera, a local rice and asparagus farmer and founder of the community's Junior Sports Club, began to dream of donating his idle farmland overlooking a beautiful beach, to build a sports park for the local children. Our design fellow came across him, heard his dream, and the Ohya Green Sports Park project began.

The project incorporates natural and recycled materials as much as possible. Poles for netting are wooden utility poles. Netting work is executed by former fishermen with metal clips used for fishing, while natural turf for the pitch was placed by the help of FC Ohya members and local community members. Audience seating and signage are designed by a local artist, and built with massive and wildly curved beams of a Japanese traditional house hit by the tsunami. Beams tied together and placed in the center of the park to form unique a seating structure that symbolizes the reunion of the community and a ship for a new start.


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