Park for All in Kamaishi

Park for All in Kamaishi

Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami Rebuilding

The city of Kamaishi in Iwate became well-known from the story of the "Miracle of Kamaishi." Students of Kamaishi East Junior High School ran from their school to higher ground after the 2011 earthquake, leading students of the neighboring Unosumai Elementary School by holding their hands and encouraging them to stay together. Most of the students survived because they remembered what they were taught during the earthquake and tsunami drill they have each year. KYSIN-no-kai and Architecture for Humanity provided these two schools with hope for their future through a baseball field and community house.

This project was designed by 2013 Pritzker Architectural Prize winner, Toyo Ito and his staff at Toyo Ito Associates & Architects (TIAA). The clubhouse is equipped with a community room, locker rooms and a storage on the first floor, and an open-air bullpen / a spectator area on the second floor.


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